This folder featured in this picture to the left contains a lot of my childhood stories. Some of those stories like The Janitor were written on the word processor at my tutor’s office.


Other stories like the Gunman series were written on a typewriter and those Gunman stories are relevant today. Gunman was a childhood neighborhood cop game I played with my friends in my Elementary School days. I played a character named Billy Coatman. Billy Coatman was trained in all the martial arts and fighting styles in the world, and had a lot of weapons training by the CIA. He later was blacklisted by the CIA, and after he took care of the members of the CIA that blacklisted him he became a New York Homicide Detective. That was the original Billy Coatman origin story while playing the Gunman game! I wrote Gunman stories about what I played out in the cop game as a kid with my friends along the line of that original Billy Coatman storyline.


Present Day Detective Billy Coatman can be found on the pages in the Simply Priceless Universe Novels! Billy Coatman in those novels is an Atlanta Detective, and is one of the Main Characters in the Simply Priceless division of the LT_Realm! The Billy Coatman backstory is different of course. Billy Coatman in Simply Priceless  is trained in martial arts at a Mixed Martial Arts academy as part of the new backstory, and he is a military man. It is a story that would remind you of Martin Riggs’s story in the Lethal Weapon Franchise. In fact the original Simply Priceless Novel has a Lethal Weapon Theme with partnering up the character Simply Priceless with Detective Billy Coatman in a Forced Partnership! Martin Riggs as you can see was kind of like my hero growing up!




They said that the Marvel Comics movie Captain Marvel was going to be the first comic book movie the closest to the movie Lethal Weapon. Maybe for a movie to date Captain Marvel is the closest to Lethal Weapon but if Simply Priceless was turned into a movie people would see which movie is the closest to the Lethal Weapon Franchise, and I made that clear just fine when I commented ComicBook.com’s Retweet I made from their Original Tweet!





I would cast Mark Wahlberg and Katee Sackoff as Detective Billy Coatman and Ashley "Simply Priceless" Hatch. Another Option I have in mind to play Simply Priceless if the Simply Priceless Universe hits the BIG SCREEN and becomes more than a HARD R Superhero Novel is the Former UFC Champion and the Former WWE RAW Women’s Champion Rowdy Ronda Rousey.

Ronda Rousey would actually be a good pick for to play Simply Priceless because she is an action star, and she is capable of conducting the stunt work that would be needed in filming a Simply Priceless Universe movie. Plus she is a trained fighter, and a professional athlete so she is in the perfect shape to play a superhero. Honestly I would love to see Ronda Rousey in a Simply Priceless costume fully dressed as Simply Priceless from head to toe. She would be an awesome pick, and if Simply Priceless was made with Rowdy Ronda Rousey as Simply Priceless I know she could put butts in seats especially if her Mile 22 co-star Mark Wahlberg was cast as Detective Billy Coatman. Imagine that Lethal Weapon type team up in the terms as Mark Wahlberg playing an adrenalin action junky Detective similar to Martin Riggs from the Lethal Weapon Franchise and Ronda Rousey playing Atlanta’s Guardian Angel Simply Priceless.

After All the idea of the Simply Priceless story is Lethal Weapon meets Supergirl, and if the film was made with Mark Wahlberg and Ronda Rousey in the roles I mentioned the movie would really be Lethal Weapon meet Supergirl.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


The Other Books in the Main Simply Priceless Line inside the Simply Priceless Universe are:

Halloween Havoc; Simply Priceless 2 Release Date NOW AVAILABLE

Love Hurts: Simply Priceless 3 Release Date Valentine's Day 2021

Bad Cop, Worse Superhero: Simply Priceless 4 

Happy Horror Days: Simply Priceless 5

There ARE Rules: Simply Priceless 6 

Khronos Effect: Simply Priceless 7 

The Team Priceless Line of Novels Begin With Priceless: A Team United

The Priceless Agenda has been put into effect by President Kiebler. As Simply Priceless, Sophisticated Intimidation, Detetives Billy Coatman and Robbie Brewer are joined with The Gargoyle, Chill, The Fallen One, Double Trouble, and Whisper in the Wind to Form Team Priceless. Team Priceless is on Their First Mission Together when they are faced up against the Axis of Evil. Now the question is will Team Priceless survive working with each other Long Enough to save the world or will the Axis of Evil Reign Supreme for Damone Sandone's Dream for a New World Order take place?

Priceless Symbol.jpg

The Original Team Members of Team Priceless that debut in Priceless: A Team United (NOW AVAILABLE) are in a list below. The team changes throughout the different Team Priceless Novels! The rest of the Team Priceless book titles are listed below to the left of the Original Team Priceless Members list!

As I mentioned Team Priceless is the LT_Realm's Version of The Avengers or the Justice League! Team Priceless faces threats that Simply Priceless and the gang just from the Simply Priceless line of novels cannot conquer alone! The Original Team Priceless Easter Egg is in the debut Simply Priceless novel in the chapter Immaculate Filing System!

There are MANY EASTER EGGS in the first 7 Simply Priceless Novels that lead to the Much BIGGER MORE Dangerous Adventures that Team Priceless Face!

If you enjoy the Avengers or Justice League or even Suicide Squad or any other superhero team up group in comic books or movies then you will enjoy the Priceless novels especially with it having a HARD R Element just like the Simply Priceless Main Line of 7 Novels!


Original Team Priceless Members

Simply Priceless

Sophisticated Intimidation

Whisper in the Wind-MAN

Double Trouble-A Man-Woman Something who can change genders, and turn into completely different persons at will!


Chill-Mother of Winter

The Fallen One- Male Demon

Billy Coatman-Human Atlanta Detective

Robbie Brewer-Human Atlanta Detective

The Complete 20 Novel Planned Out Simply Priceless Universe has been planned out and all of the titles in the Simply Priceless Universe are listed below.