The Rated R Novelist Lee T. Lunsford is a BIG KID at Heart, and the LT_Realm has a Growing Library of Family Friendly Books which began with the Turner and Prissey Series!

Turner and Prissey is my Turner and Hooch REBOOT with a Chihuahua instead of a BIG SLOBBERING DOG! You can Read About the Turner and Prissey Series on the Turner and Prissey Webpage.

My dad John Lunsford pushed MOSTLY for me to create a Family Friendly Line of the LT_Realm! He told me I needed something parents could buy for their children! So I decided to make Turner and Prissey the debut book in the LT_Realm Family Friendly Line and Follow that up with Turner and Prissey 2!

Turner and Prissey 2 Synopsis
Inspired by classic film noir Turner and Prissey 2 features Luke Turner and his faithful Chihuahua Prissey who are on the case of the Southern Belle named Laura missing husband who was waiting in Mark’s office the morning after Mark ruffled his fiancée’s feathers about it being two years since Mark proposed to Officer Kaley Brooks, and they still haven’t become husband and wife. One clue leads to next clue in what might turn out to be Turner and Prissey’s most dangerous adventure yet. All of the action triggers the police department to finally take the missing persons case of Laura’s husband the very rich Bruce Winslow seriously, and the police department assign Detective Amber Anderson and her police dog Brutus. Brutus is half German Shepard and half Belgian Malinois, and Brutus is the longest running champion on the dog competition Law Dog vs Street Dog. Now Mark and Prissey were involved in rat race of who were going to solve this missing person’s case with many twists and turns first. As Detective Amber Anderson is flirtatious with Mark Turner and is trying to capture the loveable Mark Turner in her web no matter how much he rejects the nerdy Detective’s advances Prissey is involved in a true David vs Goliath match with Brutus which might possibly lead to the big dance of dog competitions but before that could happen will Mark Turner be able to get on the same page with his fiancée who he absolutely loves and worships while trying to solve the mystery of Laura’s missing husband with a handsy Detective from the police department and her monster police dog on his and Prissey’s tail trying to solve the same case themselves.  

My mom after seeing Ron Baxley JR's book Ziggy Zig-Zags The Light and Dark Volume 1 which I traded Ron a copy of Turner and Prissey and a copy of Priceless: A Team United for at March 2020's Farley Con told me she wanted me to start doing children books involving a superhero. And my mom too told me she wanted me to do more family friendly work not even knowing my dad and I already had this conversation. I don't know if I will write superhero children books but I have plans for a serious LT_Realm Family Friendly Line which is just going to take sometime to put together and grow!

I also plan to have Christian Faith Novels inside my LT_Realm Family Friendly Line beginning with the book NOW & THEN that I already started and plan to be the third book in the LT_Realm  Family Friendly Line AFTER Turner And Prissey 2!

                                                                 NOW & THEN Synopsis

Jason Writers was now in his forties, and he was dealing with a different side of life where his marriage was failing, and his daughter wouldn’t talk to him as he worked for the right wing television news source Sly News. Then Jason was younger from as far as he could remember back to his childhood having fantasies of being a slave to the right girl in either one or two scenarios. One scenario was as a slave boyfriend where he had to listen to everything his girlfriend told him to do and obey, and the second situation was having a female owner as who he had to listen to and obey who was his true best friend. Over the years Jason had multiple scenarios where he was a slave to different women on and offline, and Jason got majorly screwed over financially. Now in today’s world the people he loved were beginning to die around him because of different causes, and with his personal family life being in shambles Jason Writers was really beginning to question life. Sometimes he wanted to get his hands on God. Even though he struggled with his faith to serve God and struggled with his continual urges to serve the right woman. Goddess Skyler was a big temptation for him as he had a slave owner relationship with her in the past, and Goddess Skyler was trying to comeback into Jason’s life as Jason Writers was trying to repair his relationship with his wife, his daughter, and truly trying to repair his life with God and giving up of these urges that lead him down a dark path where nothing good came out of the journey. What will Jason do Now and he struggles with everything that happened Then? ​

I plan on Carrying On the LT_Realm Family Friendly Line to go Side By Side with the Rated R Novelist Main Brand Titles from This Point Forward. I will ADD MORE Webpages to this side of this website AS NEEDED to represent other LT_Realm Family Friendly Titles as They Are Released! I look forward to moving the LT_Realm Family Friendly Brand Forward afterall Turner and Prissey was the TOP SELLER at the March 7th 2020 Farley Con Event! I feel even though I have my critics saying I cannot write Family Friendly Material I feel I can be VERY SUCCESSFUL with my Family Friend LT_Realm Line as I am with my Rated R Novelist Line! We will see in Due Time!

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