Roadie (2011)

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Roadie Synopsis

"Roadie" is all about following your dreams and shows in life anything can and probably will happen. Have you ever fantasized about any celebrity regardless of their line of work? Luke Turner did. Roadie is one big fantasy turned reality. It all starts with some major bad luck. Which led Luke to apply for his dream job and meet the woman he idolized. A journey quickly began unlike any other. Roadie is a story about life, love, friendship, and all the struggles in between. It follows Luke Turner on his quest to find true happiness. Is there such a thing? 

Roadie Backstory!

I was in a "relationship" I use " " because here almost 2yrs later I don't know what it was? It is confusing. We hung out. We to movies. We out to eat. Watched wrestling both on TV and at WWE in Chattanooga/Atlanta but that was it. Nothing romantic went on. She claimed she loved me. I loved her as a friend at that. She was somebody I could depend on. I figured she would always be there for me. How was I mistaken.... 

On December 27th 2007 we are sitting second row at a WWE Raw Live Event in Chattanooga at UTC Arena. She continues getting up walking off on her cell phone. After about three or four times of this she comes back crying. Being the nice guy I am on top of being concerned I asked her what was wrong. She goes on to explain to me she had been talking to a guy old enough to be either her and my father, and he told her that if she expects for him to have anything to do with her then she had to leave me alone. He was upset she was with me. 3 years of whatever ended that night. Never looked back. 

If I was to say right now that I wasn't hurt my the incident I would be lying big time. I was hurt. She was my friend like was mentioned. Friends don't do something like that to one another. I talked about this situation to anyone with ears that I knew that would listen to me. I am surprised people just didn't tell me to quit talking about it so much. Mostly I talked about it with my managers at worked. Us 3 worked together as regular employees before they became managers one was one year after I started and the other three years after I started. Both are guys. In my age range; twenties, and they listened. 

Funny thing is this girl worked there too well she worked with them too. She quit a back up in the year in 07 so she could have Sundays to spend with me. For a sort time peirod about a year maybe a few months over I worked at O'Charley's as well. Point being everyone kenw one another, any they listened to me. Nobody agreed with what this girl did but to tell you the truth I am happy that she did because I am a happier person today but I will get into that later.

One night in late February of 08 it was a Tuesday Night and ECW was on. Kelly Kelly comes out there to wrestle, and for a hair line moment I thought I wonder what this girl I am talking about would think if I wound up on the road going from town to town with Kelly Kelly. I thought being an assistant to a female professional wrestler could be pretty cool. I would do it in a heart beat. I wouldn't care what they wanted me to do whether it is shining their wrestling boots or going to get them a water or anything in between it didn't matter. Then I thought guy and girl together on the road romance could spark out of that. Which brought the thought if I was Kelly Kelly's personal assistant what would I like to have happen. These thought consumed me for days. 

Then one day closer to March 1st I began typing then stopped. About a week passed I didn't touch it. I guess I had a page typed. I am the type of person that even though I might make notes to what to type and work into my stories I basically just go on thoughts. I was talking to my AM at work, and told him what I was thinking. I told him I didn't know how to type it that it was complicated, and I didn't know whether to break it up in chapters which I have never done before or just type it straight out. He told me to break it up into chapters for sure and if I want to do then do it not to let fears or concerns stop me. 

I guess by this time we are about a week into March. I flip open my laptop, and just begin typing and typing and typing. Some people say that "Roadie" reads like a screenplay. I can agree with that. It came to me as a giant conversation. I knew what I wanted to happen as far as events but it was more of the conversation that happened at those events. Maybe that is good maybe it is bad it confuses me and I can't get a straight answer to that. Just depends on who I talk to. 

I sat at my computer 12hrs + somedays. Taking the adderall that has been prescribed to so I could concentrate late at night to be able to keep on track with my book. Maybe sleep 3hrs only to get up to do it again. It became an obsession. I go through phases of obsession because right now I am obsessed with my new book "Simply Priceless" and then entire 7 book franchise but maybe another day for that story. 

It became an obsession. I rarely stopped to eat. I didn't have to work because business was slow so that is all I focused my time on. 

On March 31st 2008 I typed the last paragraph finishing it up right after I watched Wrestlemania 24 on PPV. I was like I have to publish this. My doctor told me about a publishing company called Infinity. I checked into them. Sent my work off Mayish got my first proof book Julyish. Started proofing and proofing and proofing. 

Got my 2nd proof book in October. Which I still have because in December my writing instructor from fall said it could proof it over Christmas holiday but he still has the extra copy I let him borrow to proof. The extra copy of the original proof book. Infinity sent 3 1 to proof 1 to send to the Library of Congress and a extra one. I am still reading through the 2nd proof book debating on mailing it in to get the 3rd or to wait for me to get my other proof book back from my writing instructor and just copy everything over in the 2nd proof book. I will figure something out. 

I did tell my writing instructor that I would like to have my proof book back when school returns in the Fall so I finish up publishing by the end of the year, and hopefully have the book sigining like I want to have it Fall of 2010. This is my book signing and it will be the way I want it or it will just not take place, and that is final on that issue. I will have a female professional wrestler at my book signing of my choice. I will pay her apperence fee myself, and have the signing. I will buy my own book copies as well. I have funded this whole thing so far and haven't had anybodies true help. 

Nobody has actually proofed my work from beginning to end as of yet. People have skipped around and marked a few things but that is it. Even my writing instructor says he hasn't got far in it. That is fine I will get it back read through it myself with his corrections, and if it has errors in it still then I will just have to live with that but I feel the majority of them are out because I am not finding any on this read through I am on now. That is besides the point ​

My female professional wrestler's name I picked is Kelly Banks which comes from my two favorite female proffesional wrestler Kelly Kelly and Payton Banks. I talk to Ms. Banks frequently on myspace. I have only recieved one message back from Kelly Kelly but she is more busy being professional and with Payton Banks being back on the Indy Circuit while going to college I understand getting less responses from Kelly than Ms. Banks. 

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